Coimbatore Airport Guide to Coimbatore International Airport CJB

Coimbatore International Airport Train

Since there is no direct connection by railway between the Airport and the city center, in order to reach the nearest Railway Station, Coimbatore Junction, it has to be done by either bus or taxi.

How to reach the nearest railway station?


You can reach Coimbatore Junction Railway Station by any of the following bus lines: 2, 2D, 10A, 16A, 16B, 39, 41C, 90 and 90A. 

Frequency is of 3 minutes. The ride will take you approximately 45 minutes.

You can take any of the bus lines presented above at the SITRA bus stand, which is located 900 m outside Coimbatore Airport terminal. It is a 12 minute short-walk trip from the Terminal. In case you carry large luggage you would better take a taxi. 

If you wish to ride other lines, please get to Gandhipuram central bus station, which is located 10 km from the Airport. You can reach the station by riding a taxi or a rickshaw.


Carrying large luggage? Then ride a taxi, the wisest and comfy way to get easily to Junction Railway Station. Find them at the taxi lines outside the Airport Terminal building. 

The ride will take you between 20 and 30 minutes.

- Car sharing

To get better prices, you can try apps such as Uber or the local car sharing app Ola, which will let you share your ride with other passengers


Fares as described, please see the information below:

Bus fares

Ask to Gandhipuram central bus station booths for more information.

Taxi fares

The average cost is INR 233.00. According to the taxi company you decide to book your cab costs may vary. 

Starting price: INR 50.00