Coimbatore International Airport – Transportation to the city centre

The following means of transport are available to get to Coimbatore city centre from the Airport:


Since the nearest Railway Station, Coimbatore Junction, is away from the Airport there is not direct connection by rail.

How to get to the city?

You have several options to reach the city centre, either by bus, taxi, rickshaw or car sharing.

Where can I take them?

You can take any of them outside the terminal, except the bus which the stand is located 900 m away from the Terminal

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See the following bus lines which takes you from Coimbatore Airport to the city centre:

Public transport

Daily connection between Coimbatore Airport and the city centre by 9 bus lines.

How to get to city centre?

You can ride any of the 9 bus lines available.

Where can I take them?

At the SITRA bus stand, located 900 m from the main Terminal.
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You can take a taxi and get to the city centre whitin 30 minutes.

Where can I take a cab?

Outside the terminal building at the taxi lines.
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The fastest and cheapest way to get to the city center from the Airport.

Where can I take it?

You can pick it up anywhere, also in the airport outside the Terminal building.
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Car Rental

The following car rental companies are available in the Airport: Myles Cars, Zoomcar, Speetek Rent a Car and SRN Selfdrive Cars.
Some of these companies can be found nearby the airport or in Coimbatore city.
Just remind you you can book your car online through our search engine!
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